Environmentally Friendly Decontamination

Reduce or eliminate  the need for environementally harmful chemicals in your decontamination processes.

Decontaminate Processes without Chemicals

The pulsed light process utilizes flashes of intense broad-spectrum pulsed light to sterilize pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaging, produce, meats, liquids and equipment. The spectrum closely mimics the spectrum of sunlight at sea level with an important difference: The system delivers a spectrum 20,000 times more intense than sunlight at the earth’s surface during the pulse. The intense flashes of light are less than 1 millisecond in duration.
Packaged food on a conveyor belt

A Proven chemical-free solution

KSI provides pulsed UV light systems capable of sterilizing processes at high speeds.

Food processing companies have relied on traditional methods containing chemicals and toxic materials to disinfect conveyor equipment. KSI offers food processing plants a supplemental solution for existing conveyor sterilization processes with the KSI pulsed UV light systems.

UV Germicidal Irradiation

UV germicidal irradiation is 100 percent chemical-free and non-toxic. High-Intensity Pulsed UV light is proven to be effective in disinfection and decontamination.

Reduce Waste

Pulsed light provides shelf-life extension and preservation

When used with a variety of foods, pulsed light applications can be used on the surfaces of products to inactivate molds in a variety of baked goods and to extend their shelf lives. Similarly, shrimp treated with pulsed light and stored under refrigeration for 7 days remained edible, while untreated shrimp showed extensive microbial degradation and were discolored, foul-smelling, and not edible.

Fresh produce in a market

Ready to help save the planet?

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